About ESA Care


If you’re like most of our visitors, you’re after a legitimate solution to help you travel or rent property with your Emotional Support Animal.

ESA Care is one of the few legitimate operations online where you can speak with a licensed mental health professional. ESA Care is a technology provider for licensed medical clinics: EZCare Medical Clinic in San Francisco, CA and Mango Clinic in Miami, Fl – all clinics here.

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– Derek King MD ME135881
– Christine Boudreau License #A100757
– Stacie Daniels License # C52291
– Gregory Dowbak G25433
– Robert Olson G56043
– Cheryl-Lynn Bugailiskis A130557
– Luis Robaina-Gonzalez ACN913
– Jeanette Ponce A68979

The ESA Care Process is simple.

1. Choose Your Package
2. Pay for Your Package (100% money back guarantee).
3. Fill Out Health Questionnaire
4. Speak Online with a Licensed Mental Health Professional
5. Get Your ESA Letter

The EZCare Medical Clinic permit number is FNP549059. EZCare Medical Clinic isWait licensed by the Medical Board of California.

We understand that you need emotional support and we also understand how important you emotional support animal is to you. Click Get Your ESA Letter Now to get started.