All You need to know about Emotional Support Animal and how to get a legitimate Emotional Support animal from a licensed Medical Doctor in your state.

1 Common Myths about Emotional Support Dogs, Service Dogs, And More

Common Myths about Emotional Support Dogs, Service Dogs, And More

There is no difference between service dogs, ESAs and therapy…
Emotional Support Dog Information

Emotional Support Dog Information 

 What is an Emotional Support Dog?  All dogs are a source…
1 Why do I need a doctor’s referral for an Emotional Support Animal?

Why Do I Need A Doctor’s Referral For An Emotional Support Animal?

Not every illness requires patients to take powerful medications…
1 A national crackdown on fake ESAs; how to protect yourself?

A National Crackdown On Fake ESAs; How To Protect Yourself?

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was established in…
1 Where can I take my emotional support animal?

Where Can I Take My Emotional Support Animal?

Travel with Your Emotional Support Animal Emotional support…
1 Can my landlord deny my emotional support animal?

Can My Landlord Deny My Emotional Support Animal?

ESA Housing Mental health issues affect millions of Americans…
1 How to know if your ESA letter is legitimate_

How to Know if Your ESA Letter is Legitimate?

Emotional Support Animals Patients who are already suffering…
1 How can an emotional support animal help my anxiety?

How Can an Emotional Support Animal Help My Anxiety?

Emotional Support Animal for Anxiety Anxiety disorders are the…
How to travel with an emotional support animal?

How to Travel With an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional support animals (ESAs) can be any domesticated animal…